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Best hookup subreddits

best hookup subreddits

how to do that. R/Books for book lovers (I remember when this was just a small community, now it is millions of people). Your listing is only up for a day or so, and its considered bad form to spam personals. Goats spazzing the hell out. Part of the reason that things like slavery or war from the past provoke such muted reactions from us today is that photos make it seem like it happened in a different world to a different species. Meta New Karma Rule If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. Ive driven a lot of clients to do AMAs over the years, like Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene, Tony Robbins, John Romaniello, James Altucher, Marc Ecko, Nomadic Matt, Rolf Potts, Scott Patterson, Zeds Dead, and others. The web lost a lot when RSS died but reddit helped the Internet live up to some of its original promise.

best hookup subreddits

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Bonus: r/insert your town With the decline of newspapers and TV news, its hard to stay up on whats going on in your neighborhood. Some of them aren't always appropriate, and sometimes they're used to farm usernames. Its easy to lie or present your best self on these questionnaires. Also, from what I can deduce from the fact that there seems to be a desperate thread about this every day on r/relationships, never ever ever have a threesome. R/ExpectationsVsReality is a reminder of how things really are and so is r/FirstWorldProblems. Hes also put together this list of 15 books that youve probably never heard of that will alter your worldview, help you excel at your career and teach you how to live a better life. Reddit is cracking down on community marketplaces. (Photo: Eva Blue/Flickr reddit can be a huge black hole of time, or it can genuinely make your life better.

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