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Washer hookup box cover

washer hookup box cover

two 14 boards that will be the finished height (sides) of the frame. Then gather these supplies: 1 1 x 4 Board The board should be at least as long as the total of the height of both sides of the box plus the width of the box. The two small blocks of wood are located up under the clamps. Wood screws 4 Clamps, spray paint color of your choice (not shown). They can be installed "at any angle" per the mfgr website: they are mechanical - involvong an air filled bladder and spring, I believe. Once all of the glue has dried, removed the clamps. Its just an easy solution to solve an very ugly eyesore. Let's try to simplify/clarify for someone reading this now. Let me tell you what I did. Especially important in dry climates where the water can evaporate quite quickly).

washer hookup box cover

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Anyone do this before and have a good way to hide that white box free mature sex dating sites or maybe I don't need the box but what about the drain? I need to know what to do with the washing machine hook up box. The box is NOT upside down. I will also affect the look of my pricey backsplash tile. It only works once it is filled with water. Cut the board that will serve as the cover of the box so that it will completely cover the assembled frame. The drain could have been on just the bottom side, but that's just the way they made. Spray paint the completed box and allow it to completely dry. Attach the L brackets to the wall above the faucet box. I forgot to take a photo of this step, but you should be able to easily understand. If you have a washing machine in your home, you probably have one of these too.

This should be fine as washer drains are inherently self-cleaning.  Place the box on top of the brackets and lift the cover to be able to attach the box to the L brackets.

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