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address bar, but you also want to be able to open local URLs, you can set the about:config property xup. Servlet for the StringProcessor in Ivan's notes. Jsp @page import"verse" @page import"ringProcessor" @page @page language"java" contentType"text/html; charsetUTF-8" pageEncoding"UTF-8" @taglib prefix"c" uri"m/jsp/jstl/core"!doctype top sex hookup apps html public "-/W3C/DTD html.01 Transitional/EN"! StringProcessor thePort Reverse parameter new Reverse tArg0(theStr String theResult tReturn Store the numbers and the result in the request scope. This gives you the best of both worlds - you can still search from the address bar, but if you put in the name of a machine on your LAN, then you'll just connect to that instead (assuming your DNS or hosts file is set. Its described in detail here, but briefly, if a URL fails to resolve, Firefox trys a couple of permutations of the URL to try find what you might have really intended, and/or prefixing a www. To disable this feature do the following: Type about:config in the browser bar. Now once youve fixed the problem with the server, you hit the reload button on Firefox, but it still doesnt work, but this time its because Firefox has changed your URL to point at this bogus. This might happen when you first install WordPress locally or sometime down the line after a computer restart or something. That will bring up the xammp Control Panel Application.

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Most likely, you just need to start Apache and MySql. I have been searching this from long and finally i found complete solution after going through different answers. However, the http localhost:8080/. But we can override domain names in Windows platform for our local development PC via hosts file residing in C:WindowsSystem32driversetc as per @Faysal's answer. The feature means that often-times when a server running on localhost fails to respond, Firefox decides to try m and/or. This feature was introduced way back in the early versions of Firefox, and has been annoying developers ever since. Press Start for Apache and MySql. I tried to deploy my client.