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Crosswalk hookup

crosswalk hookup

the other poles (metal interferes with the signal). Step 1: Step 1: Bill of Materials. In order to make this a snug fit around the 2 dia. Compatible with virtually all types of 120VAC pedestrian or railroad crossing lights. You can also buy pre-made, 4" dia.

How to Make a Glowing Crosswalk Urban Prototype: 14 Steps (with

crosswalk hookup

It is through this pair of transmitter and receiver that each light pole is able to operate in synchronicity with the other light poles. I recommend having the "spine" protrude a little above the aluminum but stopping short (about 3/4" below the top plate). To improve stability and minimize materials I cut a section of 3 dia. It is also important that the light poles do not rotate for it will disrupt the appearance of the illuminated crossing path. Sends an RF signal (a message of the letter "A" via VirtualWire) to other device(s) running same program, causing them to behave as if their pushbutton was pressed. I created a donut out of scrap plywood.

crosswalk hookup

Solid hookup wire (from Radioshack).
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